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Blooming Trends: Fresh Wedding Flower Trends for Your Big Day

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We often say that flowers are the natural beauty that completes a wedding ceremony. As your go-to wedding florist, I keep my eye on blossoming trends to ensure you have the most updated and fashion-forward florals on your big day. So, let’s delve into the most enchanting wedding flower trends that will take your nuptial event to the next level.

1. Seasonal and Local Blooms

The trend of embracing local flowers continues to flourish. Brides and grooms are becoming more eco-conscious and are therefore choosing flowers that are in season and local. This not only supports local farmers and reduces carbon footprint but also adds a regional touch to the wedding, making it truly unique. For a summer wedding, think sunflowers, zinnias, and roses, whereas a winter ceremony could feature hellebores or even branches of winterberry.

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2. Bright and Bold Colors

Move over, pastels! Bright, bold colors are having a major moment. Deep shades of purple, red, orange, and even blue are expected to take center stage. Whether they’re featured in bouquets, centerpieces, or archways, these bold hues will add a dramatic touch to your wedding, bringing in energy, vibrancy, and joy.

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3. Dried Flowers and Foliage

In an interesting blend of vintage and modern, dried flowers and foliage are becoming a sought-after addition in wedding florals. They add texture and depth to arrangements and are a wonderful way to incorporate non-traditional elements into your decor. Plus, they’re a sustainable option that can be repurposed or kept as keepsakes long after the wedding.

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4. Floral Installations

Say goodbye to the traditional bouquet toss and hello to breathtaking floral installations. Be it a floral arch, a flower wall, hanging arrangements, or an aisle adorned with blossoms, these larger installations create a beautiful visual impact and serve as amazing backdrops for wedding photos.

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5. Monobotanical Arrangements

The beauty of a single type of flower en masse is unbeatable. More couples are opting for monobotanical arrangements, which means using only one type of flower throughout the bouquet or decor. This creates a stylish, modern look that can be very impactful and elegant.

6. Edible Blooms

Edible flowers are starting to find their way onto wedding menus, and not just in salads. Think of cocktails garnished with violets or desserts decorated with marigolds. This adds a unique touch, and your guests are sure to be delighted with this floral feast.

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7. Wild and Asymmetrical Arrangements

Structured bouquets are giving way to more free-form, organic-looking arrangements. This trend, inspired by the beauty of nature, gives a romantic, whimsical feel. These arrangements often feature a variety of flowers and greenery, with different shapes and sizes creating an asymmetrical but balanced look.

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Remember, the latest wedding flower trends are all about personalization and sustainability. While trends are great for inspiration, the most important thing is that your wedding flowers reflect your own style and personality.

Reach out to us for the best flower arrangement advice and services for your wedding. We keep up with the times to make sure your wedding will be memorable and beautiful. We’ll help you navigate these trends and more, ensuring your day is just as you’ve always imagined. Schedule a consultation today and lets create a GORGEOUS day together!

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